Wealth Management Solutions

Based on quantitative model, machine learning and cloud computing technologies, we have developed China’s first robo-advisor product for Renminbi-denominated global asset allocation. The intelligent wealth management solutions supported by this engine feature customer analysis, market analysis, allocation algorithms, product suitability, transaction optimization, post-deal tracking and other modules to provide flexible services to institutional clients. We can also provide partners with financial planner training and the access to compliant assets, to address quality asset shortage faced by banks, security firms and wealth managers.

PINTEC, licensed for fund distribution, has reached cooperation with more than 70 fund managers and gained access to over 2,500 fund products. This enables us to provide partners with a full set of technical marketing solutions covering internet fund products and scenario-driven fund distribution. Our partners of wealth management solutions come from various sectors such as banking, securities, insurance and wealth management.

Cooperation Cases


PINTEC developed a full-set fund trading solution for Jinzhong Bank’s fintech transformation, and launched a number of special offerings such as money funds, asset management products from securities firms, and market hot picks.

PINTEC helps banks depict more accurate user profile as the basis for tailored intelligent financial products. The next step is to optimize product experience for better services, ushering banks into the new era of online wealth management.

Other partners in the same scenario include Harbin Bank, Jiangxi Bank and the Bank of Zhengzhou.

Securities Companies

PINTEC provides full-process technical solutions to the robo-advisor product launched by Minsheng Securities, an outstanding broker with a track record of 30 years, making it the first robo-advisor collaboration between domestic mainstream financial institutions and technology service providers.


PINTEC provides Anbang Finance, the first insurer to introduce robo-advisory service, with full-process technical solutions and fund distribution system.

Wealth Managers

“Dahe Smart Investor,” “Smart Wallet” and “Mock Positions,” jointly developed with Dahe Wealth based on PINTEC’s big data and quantitative models, are constantly optimized to reflect market changes and effectively deliver smarter asset allocation to investors.

Internet Enterprises

PINTEC provided Xiaomi Finance with cooperative fund distribution program and marketing plan for its “Financial Planning Day.”

Other partners in the same scenario include jinrong.58.com and ZBJ.com.