Insurance Brokerage Solutions

Insurers are rapidly embracing financial technology to adapt to the dramatic changes in the internet age. While the changing scenarios expose traditional marketing models to severe challenges, the long-tail effect of internet has ushered in great opportunities for customized insurance.

Myfin Insurance, an arm of PINTEC licensed for insurance brokerage, specializes in scenario-specific insurance products and standard marketing interfaces that help insurers capture long-tail demand and boost sales capacity.

Cooperation Cases


At the application scenario interface, PINTEC customized an account security insurance system that protects the borrower’s account for, helping the institutional user discover and master needs from market segments as far as possible. PINTEC’s insurance brokerage solutions allow more insurers to reduce the cost of product customization, system development and qualification, and achieve stable and strong marketing capabilities as well as accurate information and feedback from first-tier markets in an economical and effective manner.

Ping An Insurance

PINTEC launched an intelligent recommendation service in cooperation with Ping An Insurance, which can hence quickly and accurately address insurance needs of users and intelligently recommend customized insurance products or portfolios. With our strong technical capabilities, standard insurance service can be adapted to various application scenarios and the accuracy and stability of information flows is guaranteed.