Personal Loans Solutions

We integrate key retail financial inputs such as complex scenarios, traffic, data, risk control and products to generate standard interfaces, systems and solutions, which are seamlessly embedded in business process of financial institutions.

We provide accurate traffic flow, efficient decision-making techniques and asset management toolkit to help financial institutions provide loan services to massive users and embrace internet-driven intelligence.

Cooperation Cases


Leveraging on its extensive scenario connections and unique intelligent decision-making technology, PINTEC provides XW Bank with quality traffic operation and anti-fraud services. XW Bank, a new generation internet bank in China, is committed to providing customized financial services for consumers and SMEs. The cooperation in asset management, post-lending operation and other key aspects ensures satisfactory user experience and improves retail credit efficiency and quality. Similar customers include Shanghai Pudong Development Bank.


PINTEC provides Yunnan Trust Company with traffic operation, anti-fraud, payment channel, post-lending operation and other operating basics as well as liquidity and asset management tools according to its active asset management requirements. Such tools feature revenue forecast, repayment cash flow forecast, estimation of blended cost of funds, stress test, reinvestment and other functions.


PINTEC provides traffic operation, anti-fraud, payment channel, post-lending operation asset management and branding services to Xingcheng Microloan, enabling it to launch and operate products cost-effectively. Xingcheng Microloan is among the earliest state-owned microloan companies established in Sichuan and was accredited as “2017 China’s Top 100 Competitive Small and Micro Financial Institutions.”

Consumer Finance

PINTEC provides traffic operation, anti-fraud, asset management and post-lending tools to facilitate efficient credit innovation and practices of Industrial Consumer Finance Co., Ltd., a CBRC-authorized nationwide consumer finance company.