Monitoring Tools

Our Asset Stewardship helps customers dynamically monitor and manage the full spectrum of asset classes

Managing and monitoring underlying assets and funds requires comprehensive capabilities in well-aligned risk and reward, business prediction and planning, probability management as well as business indicators. Our Asset Stewardship simplifies the complex logics and calculations behind the scene into an easy-to-operate dashboard that helps customers effortlessly oversee the full spectrum of asset classes.

Our management tools enable asset-fund connection, matching and liquidity management, thereby contributing to effective pre-, in- and post-lending management. Smart routing rules are introduced in asset-fund matching and dynamic asset allocation. This mechanism not only guarantees effective utilization of the entire capital flow, but also ensures that capital find its way to appropriate borrowers while achieving post-lending management, including but not limited to repayment, borrower, profit sharing and reconciliation management.

Payment service, as a cornerstone in digital lending, is managed by dynamic routing to meet requirements of all business lines. This is a dynamic embedded payment routing system combining multiple inputs such as partners, rules, success rate and cost. A payment transaction will be routed to a block according to the bank and transaction amount, where channels will be prioritized dynamically based on success rate, stability and cost. Hence, the current optimal payment channel is elected to realize dynamic transaction management.

One-stop solutions to pre-, in- and post-lending asset and fund management

Pre- and In-lending Management

Preset fund routing rules

Design preset fund routing rules for matching and distribution of borrowers.

Match available funds

Real-time quotas are used to ensure effective utilization of funds during the entire process.

Grant loans directly to users

Loans are directly granted to user application accounts to ensure safety of funds.

Well-guaranteed repayment

Various repayment methods to meet different repayment requirements of borrowers.

Post-lending Management

Accurate calculation of repayment amount

Prepayment, early settlement, late repayment, combined repayment, partial repayment, etc.

Repayment methods catering to different borrowers

Flexibly tap on solvency of borrowers or internal liquidity to provide dual protections.

Real-time quota recovery

Real-time recovery of available quota for users and borrowers for recycling purpose.

Preset response plans for overdue payment and bad debt

Including overdue grace period, bad debt provision, etc.

Powerful and steady payment ability within easy reach

Preset payment routing rules

Recommend the optimal payment channel based on the bank, amount, stability, cost, and repayment method.

In-house payment service capabilities

Support card linkage, authentication and deduction from accounts.

Support multiple payment channels

Multiple payment channels complement each other to ensure stable operation of payment center and support repayment.

Full coverage of mainstream banks

Covering 18 mainstream commercial banks, including BOC, ABC, ICBC, CCB, BOCOM, CMB, Minsheng Bank, SPD Bank and China Everbright Bank, significantly satisfying repayment needs of different bank customers.

Real-time reconciliation statement

Independent tri-party reconciliation, automatic reconciliation service system, real-time reconciliation statement.