Pintec Develops Supply Chain Financing Solutions for China DiLi Group

Author: | 2020-07-07

BEIJING, July 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pintec Technology Holdings Ltd. (NASDAQ: PT) (“Pintec” or the “Company”), a leading independent fintech solutions provider, today announced the launch of its partnership with China Dili Group (HKEX: 1387), one of the largest agricultural produce wholesale market operators in China. As part of this partnership, Pintec will leverage its Credit Value Maximizer (“CVX”) Business Lending Solutions to provide China Dili Group with a full suite of supply chain financing solutions. In addition, PINTEC’s ability to leverage its fintech capabilities in the empowerment of brick-and-mortar businesses will enable it to help digitize the supply chain financing operations of China Dili Group.

The Company’s CVX Business Lending Platform assists both financial institutions and commercial enterprises to manage their credit financing processes. By addressing various pain points throughout the credit financing life cycle, including labor costs, approval cycles, and risk controls, the CVX Business Lending Solutions will enable China Dili Group to unify its credit financing business management, standardize its risk control procedures, digitize its data collection systems, and automate its data analysis processes.

Pintec’s CVX Business Lending Solutions have proven to be effective in the efficient management of enterprise credit financing processes. These solutions have been widely adopted by industry players as a result. Currently, businesses in countries, including Australia, Austria, Ireland, and Germany, are actively leveraging Pintec’s CVX Business Lending Solutions to enhance their automotive supply chain financing processes, enterprise credit management systems, and microfinance banking services. Additionally, world-class financial institutions and multinational enterprises, such as Toyota Financial Services, Judo Bank, and the National Australia Bank, have also found success using these solutions.

Mr. Victor Li, executive vice president of Pintec, commented, “We are excited to partner with China Dili Group, one of the largest agricultural produce wholesale market operators in China. Our ability to address our partners’ needs through the development of custom supply chain financing solutions is a direct result of our extensive experience in providing finance-focused services as well as our technology capabilities in machine learning, big data, and cloud computing. By leveraging our industry-leading expertise in these areas, we have been able to develop intelligent solutions that are capable of not only helping our partner institutions to efficiently digitize their businesses, but also bolster their competitive advantages and enhance their customer service quality. We are confident that our strong value proposition will remain attractive to those businesses around the world that are interested in improving their operating efficiencies as well as increasing their business scale and will thus enable us to continue growing our partner base going forward.”