PINTEC Rebrands its Robo-advisory Unit as 'Polaris' for Overseas Markets

Author: PRNewswire | 2017-09-11

BEIJING, Sept. 11, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- PINTEC Group, China's leading fintech solution provider, announced it has rebranded its digital wealth-management and robo-advisory subsidiary as "Polaris" for the international market.

The new brand name "Polaris" is derived from the unit's Chinese brand Xuanji, which refers to the North Star in ancient Chinese. PINTEC's digital wealth-management and robo-advisory subsidiary will use "Polaris" as its brand in the international market, while continuing to use Xuanji as its Chinese-language brand name.

"Polaris better conveys the brand's meaning to non-Chinese speakers, and will help build the subsidiary's brand recognition in the international market," said William Wei, CEO of PINTEC Group. "Just as the North Star guided mariners in ancient times, we believe that, with machine learning, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence capabilities, Polaris will lead the way for burgeoning middle-class investors with intelligent investment advice."

As a pioneer in robo-advisory and automated asset allocation in China, Polaris has developed sophisticated, end-to-end, and plug-and-play fintech solutions for financial institutions and businesses. Combining quantitative modeling and machine learning with programmed trading, Polaris makes it possible for investors to customize and automatically rebalance a global portfolio with greater efficiency and convenience. Launched in 2016, Polaris has established partnerships with key financial and non-financial institutions in China, including Minsheng Securities, Anbang Finance, and Harbin Bank.

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