International Presence

China’s fintech leaders are setting foot into overseas markets in order to profit from the booming industry. As a fintech service provider, PINTEC has also attracted interests from an increasing number of international institutions while delivering service excellence to Chinese customers.


In October 2017, PINTEC and FWD Hong Kong (FWD) established PIVOT, a Singapore-based fintech joint venture, to provide financial institutions in Southeast Asia with dynamic, real-time wealth management and robo-advisor technology unique to PINTEC. This marked the first “going global” milestone for China’s robo-advisory sector.


In April 2018, PINTEC and United Overseas Bank (UOB) jointly established AVATEC, a Singapore-based digital credit assessment technology company. Incepted in 1935, UOB is one of the most influential banks in Southeast Asia with footprints in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. AVATEC provides new-generation intelligent credit assessment and decision-making solutions for commercial and financial customers in Southeast Asia.